404 DAO

Build. Inform. advance.

Transforming Atlanta into a Web3 Innovation Hub

Our Verticals


Promoting web3 and blockchain technology education is at the core of each of 404 DAO's initiatives. We work to provide hands on experience for our community to build in web3 through educational workshops and micro-internships.

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Through the 404 Accelerator, we are committed to providing web3 founders with the tools, resources, and support to build out ideas. We seek out founders with integrity and passion for creating long-term solutions enabled by blockchain technology.

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404 DAO hosts Web3 ATL - the premier blockchain conference in Atlanta that onboards students and connects industry professionals across the Southeast. In addition to Web3 ATL, 404 DAO hosts monthly networking and educational events.

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404 DAO supports the web3 ecosystem through our governance delegations from a16z. We currently are delegates for the dYdX and Optimism Protocols. Learn more about our governance team and process on our Notion page.

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